DAY 34 June 27, 2009

Had to locate the post office this morning to mail resumes. Spent a couple of hours looking through books and sipping the worst coffee shop hot cider I have ever had at Books a Million. It tasted like watered down instant cider-Starbucks makes an excellent version with real cider, caramel, and whipped topping-yummy stuff. But not this morning :0(

Grabbed lunch at Sonny's Barbeque Drive Thru Yummy, but not amazing. The sliced brisket resembled thinly sliced deli roast beef more than the Texas style slices of brisket I am used to. My sides were macaroni and cheese (slightly dry) but good flavor, sweet potato that was very moist (overdone?) good cornbread and cinnamon margarine. I ate it with my Volare wine from Texas Hills Vineyard in Johnson City, TX. The wine had a very light body for a red and was semi-sweet. It paired well with the BBQ. I would definitely purchase the wine again-maybe not the BBQ.

ROUTE: Just around Ft Walton

Lodging: Dive

Books A Million (*Food ***Service)
Sonny's BBQ (**Food ****Service)

Attractions: Books A Million

$$$: $3 Postage $2 Laundry $11 Food $21 Book = $37

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