DAY 10 June 3, 2009

Woke up early, still tired from yester- day's trek into the depths of the earth. Fueled the Vibe and hit the road for my Alpine, TX reservation at the Hampton Inn.

I noticed numerous animals (pronghorn antelope, vultures, wild turkey, rabbits...) Then there was the "art piece" 26.5 miles south of the Pilot truck stop in Van Horn on US 90 (1 mile north of Valentine, TX). The Prada Marfa art was just very strange. I drove past it and had to turn around because it seemed so out of place and to be bizarre.

Marfa is an adorable town famous for its mystery "lights"-which I did not witness but did view a video clip in the Apache Trading Post on the West side of Alpine.

Unbeknown to me, I checked into the Alpine, Texas Hampton Inn on its second day of operation. The staff was delightful and went beyond my every expectation to make my stay truly amazing. In fact, I booked a second night based on my first two hours at this location. Truly refreshing to find a hotelier that understands that the only thing that sets them apart from the competition is their ability to serve the client.

Here's Your Sign: The little winery just outside of Marfa was “SHUT” rather than closed according to their sign.

ROUTE: US 90 East Van Horn to Alpine

Lodging: Hampton Inn Alpine, TX

Meals: Just some fruit in my room

Attractions: Prada Marfa Display, Downtown Marfa, and Marfa Mystery Lights film at the Apache Trading Post

$$$: $16 Fuel $5 Laundry $7 Food $0 (Hilton Points) Hotel = $28

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