DAY 30 June 23, 2009

Started the day at the visitor center in Ocean Springs, MS. Decided to try Shady's for lunch - good choice! I had seen them last night in Biloxi across the street from Mr. Greek (both parking lots bulging). They earned a nice blurb in one of the brochures I picked up and a chance in my book. I had a bowl of gumbo full of sausage, chicken, crawfish, and crab claws in a deep mahogany gravy-amazing flavor! Not spicy hot, but well seasoned. I did add a little hot sauce and it livened the dish up even more.

I enjoyed the Nature Center in Pascagoula and the personal tour I received. They have quite a few displays of stuffed animals plus their little screech owl, aligator baby from a local farm, snakes and finally the jumpy little frogs (or were they toads?).

Drove out to Dauphine Island and enjoyed the estuarium/aquarium there.

Then I visited the gift shop at Fort Gaines, since it was very late in the day and they were about to close.

I took the bridge back to the mainland, but there is a $16 ferry, if your prefer this route.

Took the coastal road nort into Mobile and up I 65 for an inexpensive room at the America's Best Inn. The room was nice, but the pool was no longer working.

I have been kicking myself for leaving Louisiana without picking up a bottle (or ten) of Cajun Power Garlic Sauce. I met this condiment in Mulate's and found it on several tables since, but alas apparently it cannot be purchased outside of Louisiana. I give up I will have to order it, and try some of its cousins, at http://www.cajunpowersauce.com/index.cfm

ROUTE: US 90 East>AL 188 East>AL 193 South and the North>I 10 West>I 65 North

Lodging: America's Best Inn

Shady's (*****Food ***Service)

Attractions: Ocean Springs Visitor Center,

$$$: $45 Motel $6 Souvenirs $10 Postage $11 Food = $72

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