DAY 26 June 19, 2009

Not much to share. Today's travels consisted of miles and miles of trees lining both sides of the highway to Baton Rouge.

I grabbed Pizza Hut for dinner. The pizza was good, but I did not appreciate having to pull away from the drive thru window and wait another 5 minutes for my order to be prepared because they had failed to manage their pizza inventory.

I checked into the Motel 6 and appreciate the desk clerk's willingness to let me go check their last first floor handicapped unit for the amount of smokiness in a smoking room. That was fine and I appreciate the follow up call to check on my satisfaction. This is one of Motel 6's "refreshed" locations with wood laminate flooring and supposedly newer furnishings. The furnishings were quite old and not clean. While the new flooring should allow them to keep the floors cleaner, this was by far the dirtiest floor on this trip! My feet were filthy coming from the shower just to the bed one time-YUCK! The ice machine had an attitude, as did the locking mechanism on my door. The next morning the pool was closed. Not my best Motel 6 experience.

ROUTE: LA 31 North>US 190 East>I 10 East> I 12 East into Baton Rouge.

Lodging: Motel 6 Baton Rouge-East

Meals: Pizza Hut (***Food *Service)

Attractions: Trees

$$$: $1 Car Wash $18 Fuel $47 Motel $7 Food = $73

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