DAY 21 June 14, 2009

Went to check out Independence Park in Gonzales this morning. Campsites are $20, but I didn't see restrooms much less showers. The park itself is nice, if dated. On my way out, I noticed a lot of locals on the southwest side of the bridge. Probably could have parked overnight there.

I sure wish it were Monday! The brewery in Shiner is closed on Sunday, so I will miss seeing the birthplace of one of my favorite brews.

I grabbed a soda in Halletsville and cruised the town square. On to my namesake. Sheridan, Texas is not as small as I had supposed. It actually has quite the nice little water park and RV park, but nowhere else to stay or even really eat.

The other little towns were unremarkable, except for Nada. Funny name for a town. makes you wonder if they new what it means, because there really is nothing there.

I stopped in Danevang to checkout their museum, but found the $4 suggested contribution a little steep for something I was only mildly interested in.

Grabbed another soda in Bay City. The little park west of town is very nice, but doesn't allow overnight parking.

I arrived in Freeport after the first of quite a few very tall bridges - those who know me know that I absolutely despise the mere thought of automobiles and water interacting (boat ramps, stream crossings, high water, bridges over water...). So the bridges were NOT my favorite part of the trip.

Checked out Quintana Beach, but Surfside was a little nicer (with toilets, visitor center, and boardwalk). Crossed the toll bridge to Galveston Island ($2). I still can't believe the changes from the hurricane last year and the clean up/rebuilding. I was very surprised at how dirty the beaches were. I remember them being much cleaner when I was younger.

I had planned on Gaido's, but the place was packed with no parking. I drove on down to East Beach. Then I joined the line for the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula.

The Bolivar seems to have taken a direct hit from the storm, or is at least behind in their recovery. Even though there were piles of debris on the sides of the road, the beaches were clean-a vast improvement over Galveston. I liked it so much that I decided to spend the night on the beach (legal in Texas I am told).

ROUTE: US 90A East>TX 71 South>TX 35 South>TX 36 East>TX 288 East>TX 332 East>FM 3005 North>TX 87 North

Lodging: Camped on the beach

Meals: Motel breakfast and a couple of sodas-don't do this again!

Attractions: Independence Park, Shiner, Sheridan, Danevang Museum, Quintana Beach, Surfside, East Beach, and Galveston Ferry

$$$: $2 Food $16 Fuel $2 Toll = $20

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