DAY 25 June 18, 2009

Did laundry and packed it out this morning after talking to my friend Luciane, who is now living in Louisiana. We made plans to meet in New Orleans this weekend.

I started the morning out at the John Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve in Lafayette. Good thing too. I had planned on driving up to Eunice for the other location, but found out that they were experiencing challenges and were currently closed.

I met two other travelers seeking good food and great brews at the hostel. Interestingly enough, Justin and Megan started in NYC and are headed the opposite direction (to Oregon). We compared notes and they highly recommended the BEST Stop (I-10 exit 97-head north about 1/2 a mile) for cracklins and boudin balls. The fried boudin balls are the bomb! I bought one and then went back to stand in line for three more (just a buck!). They really are that good.

Just a short jaunt to my overnight stay in Breaux Bridge. The Bayou Cabins were cute. I stayed in number 3. When I asked for the key, I was told it was "hangin". Okay, we are both speaking English, but I don't understand what you mean. It was on the hook by the door of the cabin-interesting, never seen that before. The cabin was quaint, clean, and comfortable. The stay comes with an evening sampler platter of their specialties (head cheese, boudin, and cracklins) and homemade rootbeer. I only enjoyed the head cheese (totally unexpected) and the rootbeer.

For dinner I went to Mulate's "the original cajun restaurant". I felt their menu was limited. I decided on the seafood platter with stuffed crab (yum), half green pepper stuffed with seafood (my favorite), fried frog leg (kind of like a cross between chicken and fish-it was okay), fried butterflied shrimp, fried catfish, & fresh fried oysters. It was served with french fries.

ROUTE: US 90 West>exit 97>US 90 East

Lodging: Bayou Cabins

BEST Stop (****Food **Service)
Bayou Boudin & Cracklin (*Food ****Service)
Mulate's (***Food **Service)

Attractions: John Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve & Breaux Bridge Visitor Center

$$$: $66 Cabin $ 2 Laundry $34 Food = $102

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