DAY 23 June 16, 2009

I decided to stay put for a few days. The hostel is clean and the staff is wonderful!

I ate lunch (a gyro) at Zeus Express 2733 West Pinhook Road http://www.zeuscafe.com/togo.html I ordered a regular gyro. It was unremarkable in that the seasoning was very light, if not completely absent.

I also tried Borden Ice Cream (historic place on Johnston). I ordered a butter pecan waffle cone. While this was very good, I still think Blue Bell is better.


Lodging: Blue Moon Saloon & Hostel

Zeus Express (**Food *Service)
Borden Ice Cream (***Food ****Service)

Attractions: LSU

$$$: $19 Hostel $10 Postage $11 Food = $40

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