DAY 28 June 21, 2009

Started the morning at the New Orleans School of Cooking This has been on my bucket list for almost two years, since I first visited New Orleans. I learned about the history of the area, both culinary and cultural, and some techniques that are unique to the area. Her pralines were amazing and easy to do! Just remember that the sugar in these will continue to granualize and become crumbly with age.

I walked my butt off today in 100+ degree weather with humidity so high that you just wished it would rain. I did grab the street car and a transfer down to the Riverwalk Marketplace. Southern Food & Beverage Museum was not exactly what I expected, but I did have the area completely to myself.

On my walk over to the Prince Conti Hotel, I saw a beautiful fountain behind a iron fence right next to the aquarium mural parking lot.

I hopped on the street car for a few blocks-nice, albeit short, respite from the heat and the walking. After a few more blocks I made it to the Hotel and called Luciane-it was soooo good to see her.We walked down to my car to grab my overnight bag, after cooling down for a bit in the hotel room. Stopped at the corner bar for a drink and listen to the band, on the way back to the room.

Gave Daddy a call for Father's Day. I had been thinking about him all day, but wanted to call him from a quiet place. Luciane and I enjoyed a night over at the House of Blues, where she introduced me to her favorite blues singer (Johnny Lang). I really enjoyed the show and being with a good friend.

ROUTE: I 10 back into town

Lodging: Prince Conti Hotel

New Orleans School of Cooking (****Food *****Service)

Attractions: New Orleans School of Cooking, Street Car, Riverwalk Marketplace, Southern Food & Beverage Museum, Aquarium Mural, Bourbon Street, and House of Blues

$$$: $24 School $2 Street Car $5 Museum $7 Souvenirs $45 Drinks/Concert = $83

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