DAY 12 June 5, 2009

A fine breakfast at the Hampton Inn and I hit the road for Big Bend National Park. First stop Terlingua Ghost Town.
Study Butte has lodging (Big Bend Motor Inn) just outside of Terlingua Ghost Town.

There are some funky and creative places in Terlinqua. First there is this sea port in the middle of the desert and then there is the pink Kathy’s Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe. Kathy offers a great variety of lunch type items (the locals love her huge burgers). I enjoyed and excellent BBQ brisket sandwich with tons of smokey meat and sauce on the table for cheap!

My trip through Big Bend National Park enlightened me as to the vast diversity of this area. I had no idea how many ecosystems exist in this part of the country. The vehicle just behind me spotted a black bear-oh so close!

Dryden TX is another little ghost town-little general store. The trip into Del Rio was downright bizarre. Besides the dogs riding on top of the cab of this pick up truck, I noticed that the border patrol vehicles outnumbered civilians-very strange.

The river crossing was beautiful. There is a nice picnic area/overlook on the west side of the bridge, south side of the highway.

Lake Amistad is huge! and oh so beautifully blue. Dinner was fish and fries at Long John Silver's-just too tired to eat much. Rudy's BBQ would have been a good choice had I realized that it is an off shoot of the establishment north of San Antonio. Motel 6 was acceptably clean with very friendly and accommodating staff.

ROUTE: US 90 East>TX 118 South>TX 170 West to Terlingua and back>TX 118 South>US 385 North>US 90 East to Del Rio

Lodging: Motel 6 Del Rio

Kathy's Ksmic Kowgirl Kafe (****Food **Service)
Long John Silver's (**Food)

Attractions: Terlingua, Big Bend NP, Border Patrol, and Lake Amistad

$$$: $29 Fuel $9 Souvenir $9 Food $34 Motel = $81

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