DAY 29 June 22, 2009

After breakfast with Luciane, I hit the road. Can the word beautiful describe swamps? It did today. The marshes, rivers, and eventually white sand beaches were gorgeous.

I found a place right across from a beach in Biloxi, Mississippi and called it a day. The Jubilee Inn 1768 Beach has a Pool and a great view of the beach. The room was comfortable.

I enjoyed a gyro with the most amazing tzatziki sauce I have ever had at Mr. Greek in Biloxi. Open and finished the peach wine I purchased in Baton Rouge and enjoyed a walk on the beach and conversation with an older couple, as I enjoyed the wooden recliners on the beach.

ROUTE: I 10 East>I 510 South> US 90 East into Biloxi.

Lodging: Jubilee Inn

Prince Conti (***Food - loved the Croissant)
Mr. Greek (****Food *Service)

Attractions: Swamp and Beaches

$$$: $25 Overnight Parking $27 Food $56 Motel $13 Fuel = $121

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