DAY 27 June 20, 2009

What a VERY Looong day! Started at the Baton Rouge Farmer's Market-where I purchased two bottles of wine from Amato's Winery and some tomatoes. Wandered around the deserted streets surrounding the capital building. There is a beautiful green space on the east side of the capital area that is peaceful and gorgeous.

Headed up to the Louisiana Prison Museum-thinking it was just outside of Baton Rouge. It is NOT!

I had lunch at the most haunted plantation in the U.S. - the Myrtles in St. Francisville. The name of the restaurant is the Carriage House Lunch was okay, but the one thing I didn't think I wanted (the potato salad) was exceptional! I think it was celery seed and grainy brown mustard that brought that dish home. I ordered Chicken and Sausage Gumbo with rice and scoop of potato salad $8 and a piece of cornbread (which I had to ask for three times before it came out and then got charged $2 for). Next time skip the dry cornbread that doesn't show up until you are almost done and don't really want it anymore. I decided against the $8 tour of the plantation.

I finally made it to Angola - the bloodiest prison in the U.S. - prison museum. I was not impressed with the responses the representative offered to my inquiries. I was even more distressed by the joviality of patrons in this somber location. I came to the conclusion that if people entering this "correctional" facility were not animals when they got here, they certainly were if / when they left.
I found a unique little town with a beautiful winery in Jackson, LA. The Feliciana Winery is beautiful! They also produce some decent wines served by a very sweet little lady. I bought two more bottles of wine - that is four today. I had better get to drinking.
At the ACME Oyster House in Covington, I had the most amazing grilled oysters. They were a little smokey and a little salty from the Parmesan cheese-oh my this is almost heaven! I could have eaten these all night, but I had ordered catfish and fried oysters also-not quite as good as Mulate's, but still very good. I love ACME's hushpuppies (their crabby puppies are even better-probably the best I have ever had).

You may remember my aversion to bridges from day 21. Okay so what possessed me to pay $3 to drive the longest (24 miles) over water (Lake Pontchartrain)?! Anxiety (albeit without basis) for half an hour was not fun.

I finally made it into New Orleans as the light slips completely from the sky. It took me a while to find an inexpensive room, complicated by the fact that it is harder for me to traverse an unknown location in the dark. I got lost several times and was very happy to find the America' Best Inn on the eastern outskirts of town. The room was nice and very clean. The desk attendant was very kind to this very tired traveler. I finished off my bottle of Black Beauty wine from the Kitty inspired Black Mesa Winery in New Mexico-this is a fabulous wine that is more than deserving of the awards it has garnered.

ROUTE: US 61 North>LA 66 West and East>US 61 South>LA 10 East>I 55 South>LA 36 East>LA 25 South>into New Orleans>I 610 East> I 10 East

Lodging: America's Best Inn East of New Orleans

Carriage House (**Food *Service)
ACME Oyster House (***Food ***Service)

Attractions: Baton Rouge Farmer's Market, Louisiana Capital, Louisiana Prison Museum, Myrtles Plantation, Feliciana Winery, LONG Bridge over Pontchartrain

$$$: $49 Motel $35 Wine $49 Food $3 Toll $19 Fuel = $155

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