DAY 61 July 24, 2009

I found the Bethesda Boys Home this morning after getting lost looking for Wormsloe. Too bad that no one was in the office-I had some questions for the oldest running children's home.

On to Wormsloe. Be advised that you can’t find Wormsloe State Historic Site without GOOD directions, because the signs are either missing or were never put where they should be. You will find it on Skidaway Road on the Isle of Hope. The Isle of Hope has been continuously settled since the mid 1700’s and was originally a military stronghold. The oldest continuously inhabited home in GA (9th generation)lies within the same area as the state park (it is marked "private"). Interestingly, Milley Cyrus was shooting her new film there today-you should have seen the law enforcement for this tiny, mostly ignored park. Angelica thought it was great that grandma was in the same place as her hero Hannah Montana. I texted her a picture of the area.
Next up was the famous Tybee Island. I stopped at the visitor center, along with a ton of other folks, and grabbed a few brochures. Then I wandered to the other end of the island. Tybee Island has lots of homes. Pay to park signs are everywhere you go on this island.

I had intended to go to the Marine Center which was hard to find, then there was no parking available. The beach has a large boardwalk with tons of shops and food. Even though you pay to park here there are porta potties in the parking lot-I am not sure whether this means there are or are not regular restrooms on the beach 9like I said there is no parking available).

Final conclusion is that Tybee is Georgia’s tourist trap for middle income folks. The north end of beach was nicer and there was actually parking available, maybe there are no facilities. By the time I got back there I just wanted to leave because there were so many people.
Fort Pulaski was great! The museum and video were very interesting. The Fort is huge and must be accessed by a small two lane bridge out to the island.

I stopped at Old Fort Jackson on the way back into town, but there was a major storm brewing and I did not want to pay money for an unwelcomed shower so I headed on into Savannah.

The city is amazing in its arrangement and restoration. There are many boarded up buildings in massive decay, and there was one commercial building downtown boarded up on the upper floors, but the lower windows are filled in with concrete. That’ll stop would be intruders.

Late lunch in Savannah will not happen, many restaurants close at 2-3 pm and don’t reopen until 5 pm.

I need a beer! or to leave Georgia. Apparently Georgians have to come to a near stop before turning right off the thruway.

No brew pub signs, so I guess it is time to leave the state of non-turning drivers. I got to the south Carolina Visitor Center at the state line just in time to grab state guide, a map, a bunch of literature and the advice to bunk in Hardeeville.

We will call this stay the dirtiest little clean motel room. It is obvious they have refurbished the place: newer furniture, nice bed, and what used to be nice carpeting. It is also apparent that they have decided not to maintain the "new" additions. There is grime all over the walls. The floor is making my socks filthy. And I had to wipe the filth from the nice TV to be able to watch it.

I drove around town and decided that Shoney's was my best bet. I grabbed the Steak and Seafood Buffet to go (they apparently charge an extra dollar for this option and, unlike other Shoney's locations, I did not get a styrofoam container for soup even though I asked and saw them on the counter. The 4 oz steak was surprisingly good. The other items were standard good fare to be expected at Shoney's.

Here's your Signs:
"Caution Water May Cover Road at High Tide" mainland end of Tybee (it is signs like these that worry me)

"Screw the cracker, Polly wants a cocktail" (in the Earthbound Store in Savannah).

ROUTE: GA 204 East> GA 204 Spur East & West> GA 204 East> US 80 East & West> I 95 North

Lodging: Country Hearth in Hardeeville, SC

Meals: Shoney's Steak & Seafood Bar (***Food *Service)

$$$: $34 Motel $2 Souvenirs $11 Meal $3 Toll $20 Fuel $2 Laundry = $72

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