DAY 56 July 19, 2009

I day tripped around the Kissimmee ? St. Cloud area today. First order of business was to acquire sustenance. I immediately got sidetracked into Celebration, FL. Oh what a sweet little place. I loved the Sunday farmer's market and the waterfront. They had a lovely little fountain for the kids to play in, boats for the "lake", and rocking chairs to relax in. There were several places to eat all with a significant number of patrons present, but I was set on using some stupid coupons (or discounts for the dumb?).

The Orlando literature has tons of coupons and numerous establishments that are more than overpriced for poor quality food. I figure they get away with this blasphemy due to the ignorance of overly tired tourists who will pay and eat just about anything they are served. I had a coupon (just don't bother with these things in the Kissimmee area)to several places all of which were deserted at 12:30 on a Sunday hmmmm... not a good sign.

I spotted a Bob Evans Restaurant (local favorite). I had been meaning to check them out and this seemed like the perfect time. Like the Waffle House, this is another little jewel. I ordered the chicken noodle deep-dish dinner. It is a biscut topped with mashed potatoes and smothered with homestyle chicken and noodles. Oh so good! The broth was flavorful and the noodles were thick and chewy, just as they should be. This paired well with the creaminess of the mashed potatoes. The biscuit seemed a little out of place, but my server tells me that many diners order it on the side. Seems like a good option, maybe with some butter and honey. This is a definite must repeat! Great food, great service, at amazing prices ($6 plus tax and tip).

On to the Spence-Lanier Historic Village. I thought it was out in St. Cloud, so there was an unnecessary detour out the the same highway I had come into town on-oh well. On the way back to Kissimmee, I checked out the historical area and located the states monument at 300 Monument in Kissimmee.

When I arrived at the real location ) after a quick phone call to ask directions), the rain was threatening an appearance. I enjoyed my little tour. They have 10 spots to visit including a home from the late 1800's, a general store, blacksmith shop, orange packing house, etc. Most of these are the actual buildings rather than recreations. Very interesting little museum at the end of the tour.

Next I wandered up (International) I Drive through the convention center, over to Universal, and down to Downtown Disney. I spent the evening texting my daughter and grandchildren the sights and having them help decide what souvenirs they would like me to acquire for them. Everyone got a nice little treat and I treated myself to an amazingly delicious and price conscious meal at a theme park. Is that possible?

It was tonight! I decided to try the Earl of Sandwich. It was on my short list last time, but the timing was wrong. I order the full montague sandwich-beef, turkey, tons of cheese, tomato, and lettuce on a nice chewy artisanal bread - too yummy. I also had the mediterranean chicken salad with romaine, field greens, feta, red onion, roasted peppers, tomato, chicken, cucumber, kalamata olives and dressing. Again fantastic and way to much food for one person-I ate half and saved the rest for later. all this for $12-such a bargain!

Here's Your Sign: "HOURS: Sometimes I'm here, Sometimes I ain't"

ROUTE: US 192 East and West> FL 535 North>Turkey Creek South>US 192 West

Lodging: Destiny Palms Kissimmee

Bob Evans (****Food *****Service)
Earl of Sandwich (*****Food)

$$$: $36 Hotel $19 Fuel $26 Meals $62 Souvenirs = $1

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