DAY 38 July 1, 2009

Stocked up on soda-sale time and grabbed dinner at the Brooks Bridge BBQ & Cafe. I found the food to be just so-so (unlike the rave reviews online). I asked the waitress which was better beef or pork BBQ and ordered her recommendation. The pork was cut into large chunks and sauced with a flavorful concoction. It was accompanied by limp, greasy fries and a run of the mill biscuit. I also ordered a half order of fried green tomatoes. They were deep fried (interesting rather than pan frying) but not well done enough to be crisp and the batter lacked flavor. I sprinkled them with salt and pepper to no avail. These had lots of potential, but someone needs to add some seasoning to the batter or to the finished product just out of the fryer and either heat the oil up a little more or fry them longer (couldn't tell exactly which was the problem).


Lodging: Dive

Meals:Brooks Bridge BBQ & Cafe (*Food *Service)

Attractions: N/A

$$$: $14 Soda $14 Food = $28

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