DAY 46 July 9, 2009

Started the day at Heritage Village in Largo. What a great little place and the price was definitely right (free). Half way through my tour it began to rain and didn't stop until after I got back to the motel this evening. I toured the Walshingham House-set up as a doctor's home and the General Store. The other buildings were closed,but I looked through the windows.

Next stop lunch. I drove past PJ's Oyster Bar in Indian Rocks Beach and noticed a large number of cars-good place right? (well not exactly). I was very disappointed in the tiny oysters completely overwhelmed by Parmesan cheese. I love cheese and have often thought you cannot have too much cheese-this is a case where too much cheese ruins the dish. I could not even taste the little mollusk I love so dearly. Then my lobster salad arrived. The lobster was shreds rather than the chunks of lobster I expected-reminded me of deli seafood salad. It was accompanied by tired old vegetables and I had to ask (and wait...) for salad dressing. The kitschy decor was amusing-dollar bills hanging on the walls and paper towel racks hanging over each table. But the atmosphere was not enough to overcome the failing of the service and food.

Never did find the other museums I was looking for, but I did take a minute to get out of the car and find the beach. The buildings are so close together that it is very hard to even glimpse the water in most places.

I tracked down Haslam's Book Store (Florida's Largest Bookstore) in St. Petersburg. It is very large, but pales in comparison to Powell's Books in Portland Oregon. I ended up picking up two books. Finally, I stopped at WalMart for some basics.

Back at the hotel, I ate my Bluebell ice cream and took a dip in the whirlpool.

ROUTE: CR 688 West>CR 699 South>CR 693 North>CR 1 South>US 19 North

Lodging: Sleep Inn Clearwater

Meals: PJ's (*Food *Service)

Attractions: Heritage Village, Beaches, and Haslam's Book Store

$$$: $18 Lunch $13 Books $45 Motel $5 Car $9 Stuff = $90

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