DAY 57 July 20, 2009

Started out this morning a little late, but I am only going to St. Augustine today. I started by wandering through Walt Disney World and saying good bye to Mickey. Then onto the Mega McDonald's Bistro at Sandhill and (International) I Drive. Wow! These guys have food that looks really good. Then there are the video games and other attractions for the kids. It has been named the best McDonald's to play in on the Travel Channel.

I jumped on the Interstate, really the other options are no better. I jumped off a ASAP onto US 17 and on to Blue Springs State Park. The spring is much smaller than the others I have seen in Florida. The idea here is to take a tube up the trail about 1/2 a mile to the head spring and float down. There is no real beach area, but there are steps into the water off a platform. The water is a pretty bluish green and clear to the bottom, not the tea colored water I was seeing near Tallahassee. Even though it has been raining almost constantly for days, I guess the ground cover is different here or how it percolates.

On to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. The is the longest established religious community in the U.S.There area is quaint, but I had missed the introduction to their spiritual beliefs offered on Sunday mornings.

Over to Daytona where I drove past the raceway on US 92 and straight out to the beach. This is supposed to be the only beach that you can drive your car onto in Florida. I can't understand what the draw is to this, but people are apparently willing to pay a "toll" to drive on the beach (one way northbound).
Further north there is beach access with free parking and boardwalks out to a clean beach area with a few shells. The sand has an orange cast to it from the finely ground shells in the area-most of which vary in color from tan to bright orange.

Just north of Marineland there is a public beach with restrooms (no showers) and free parking in a large lot. Flagler Beach has wonderful tidal pools and some bright orange signs warning you to be careful of the rocks in the surf.

I finally arrived on Anastasia Island, across the bridge from downtown St. Augustine. I checked into the Scottish Inn, changed my clothes, and headed over to O'Steen's only to find them closed on Sundays and Mondays. So sad, now I am just going to eat some popcorn and cereal.

My room was okay. It was clean enough, with the typical not so clean shower curtain. The bedspread had a hole in it. The pillows were flat and the bed was the worst yet in a motel. The internet worked long as you sit next to the window. I wouldn't do this one again, but the people are nice and it is decent enough on a very tight budget.

Here’s your sign “Lights and wipers on during rain” rectangular black on white I-4 rest area mm 97

Here’s your second sign of the day “When this parking lot is full please use other one” in Blue Springs SP

ROUTE: US 192 East>Disney World>Sandhill East>I Drive North>Kirkham West>I 4 North>US 17 North>FL 472 East>CR 4101 North>CR4139 East & West>CR 4101 South>FL 472 West>US 17 North>US 92 East>FL A1A North

Lodging: Scottish Inn in St Augustine

Meals: Leftovers & Groceries

Attractions: Walt Disney World, Best McDonald's to play in, Blue Springs SP, Cassadaga, Daytona, and the beaches north to St. Augustine beach.

$$$: $39 Motel $1 Drink

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