DAY 43 July 6, 2009

It rained the vast majority of the day today.I had planned on Fanning Springs and Manatee Springs, but the rain prevented swimming and hiking and according to the lady at the Fanning Springs Chamber of Commerce there were no informational centers at either location. So I asked for a suggestion for lunch.

She referred me to Huckleberry's BBQ and it was a winner. I had the pork sandwich with beans and a soda included. The pork was chopped in decent size pieces (just enough for a bite) and came unsauced on a bakery style roll. It had a nice smokey well seasoned flavor. The sauce choices were mild, sweet, and spicy. I chose sweet (which tasted an awful lot like bottled sweet and sour sauce mixed with BBQ sauce) and spicy (which reminded me of the sweet without so much fruit flavor and a decent front of the mouth burn to it). The beans were like Bush's baked beans with BBQ sauce, bits of onion and tiny chunks of meat. Overall a very good meal for cheap!!

Next stop of the day was the Dakotah Winery. I tasted several wines with a couple from Tampa and enjoyed the wine themed products and relics/antiques in the gift shop. Out on the back porch the have a bird sanctuary and several seating areas-absolutely breathtaking.

There was not much else to see today other than trees and cows-more trees than cows.

There was this beauty in Gainesville down near the University.

Here's Your Sign: Bumper Sticker in Gainesville _ "Young Enough to Kick Your Ass & Old Enough to Pay the Legal Bills"

ROUTE: I 10 East>US 19 South>US 27 South>FL 24 East into Gainesville.

Lodging: Zen Center & Hostel

Meals: Huckleberry's BBQ (***Food **Service)

Attractions: Fanning Springs and Manatee Springs (next time), Fanning Springs Chamber of Commerce, Dakotah Winery,

$$$: $20 Hostel $17 Wine $3 Medication $6 Food = $46

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